What we can do for you

We always try to offer the best benefits we can

Lifetime Access

Access the application whenever you want.

Include All Free Features

All our free features are included in the pro account.

Watermark 150 - 200 photos in minutes

With a pro account, you can reduce manual work and watermark 150 - 200 photos within a few minutes.

Unlimited Watermarking

Now you can enjoy watermarking unlimited photos at the same time.

Unlimited Fonts

Explore our font gallery and choose the best ones for your photos.

Handle bigger sizes

The pro account will handle bigger sizes of your photos.

Pro Future Updates

You can use forever our pro features. We also frequently update and improve our app to make sure that you can have great experience in our services.

Premium Email Support

Have a question? No problem.
We will reply to every email from you as soon as possible.

Unlimited Photos

The free version will only allow you to add watermarks to 3 photos at the same time. With a pro account, you can add watermarks to multiple photos once.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t like our pro features or you don’t find our app useful for you, we are happy to process a full refund within 30 days.

We offer the best features at the best price

$49 - One-time payment, lifetime access.

Request Features

If you need some features that our application doesn't have, you can contact us to request us to add more. We're very happy to serve you.

Ask us for more support

We not only help you with watermarking photos but also help you with your images. If you have any questions about working with your images (sizes, how-tos, editing), we will be happy to assist you. Simply contact us via email or social medias.

Have more privileges

You will not only have access to our pro membership at Watermarkup, you will also have privileges to try our future pro applications.


A powerful photo app that makes it easy to protect your digital assets from theft.


$0.00 per user

  • Includes:
  • Watermark 150 - 200 photos in minutes
  • No Ads
  • Not reducing your image quality
  • Limit on the number of photos per upload
  • UnLimited Fonts
  • Premium Email Support
  • Handle Bigger Sizes
  • Pro Future Updates


$49 per user

  • Includes:
  • Watermark 150 - 200 photos in minutes
  • All free features
  • No Ads
  • No monthly payment
  • Not reducing your image quality
  • Watermark multiple photos at the same time
  • Unlimited Fonts
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Use for commercial purposes
  • Risk free. Money-Back Guarantee
  • Premium Email Support
  • Handle Bigger Sizes
  • Ask for more support related to images
  • Request features
  • More Privileges
  • Pro Future Updates
  • No monthly subscription. One-time fee

And Here are the Total Features and Benefits You Will Have

Life Time Pro Membership

You can access our watermark application whenever you want. Only One-time fee.

No monthly fee

There are no monthly payments to use our application.

You don’t have to download any software

Sometimes you are trapped by fake websites and they want you to download software that contains viruses and malware. By using our service, you can avoid fake software and scams.

You don’t have to install anything

Installing software may take a lot of time. Especially it can be frustrating if your disk drives don’t have enough space. As a result, you can’t install your downloaded watermark software and use it. It is a waste of time and energy. Watermarkup can help you save your computer and mobile disk space.

Watermark right in your web browsers

You can watermark many times you want with only one tool: your web browser.

You can watermark anywhere

If you have downloaded and installed a watermark application on your computer, and now you are away from home. You can’t use the application. But you can access our application even when you are on holidays or you are traveling the world.

Work on any systems

Whether you are using a Mac, or a Windows machine, you still can use our application.

Easily switch between editing modes

It means that you can control to watermark one photo or multiple photos at the same time.

No need to repeat 50 times to watermark 50 photos.

That’s tedious and time-consuming.

Save more time to complete more important tasks of your life

Spend less time on watermarking with us.

Control the size and the ratio of the watermark

You can use the mouse to resize the watermark and its ratio. It’s pretty easy.

Use the watermarked images to promote yourself

People will easily find you and know more about your business.

Create multi-part watermarks

You can create separate text objects and combine them into a larger one. Or you can divide the watermarks into smaller pieces for easier editing.

Easily make the text more transparent

You can change the opacity value of the color of the text to make it more transparent.

Always preserve your image quality

The watermark application doesn’t change the image quality and resolutions.

Always preserve EXIF information

All the information on your images always remains the same.

Easily edit properties of the watermark

Change and control the size, colors, fonts, position of the watermark until you are satisfied.

Easily change the position of the watermark

You can move the watermark to any place on the image you want.

Different Fonts

From basic to stylish and trendy fonts. And many fonts are considered best fonts.

Basic Fonts

A lot of basic fonts you are familiar with: Arial, Times New Roman, Tahoma,...

Trendy Fonts

Many trendy fonts are available for you: Montserrat, Lato, Open Sans,...

Best fonts that are suggested by media

Like B24, Nunito, MerriWeather... And many other cool and fancy fonts.

Easily duplicate the watermark

Make unlimited copies of the watermark and place them anywhere you want.

Add numbers and symbols to your images

Add symbols to create more beautiful watermarks.

Add your details or business information

Add your name, company name, your social media links, website, phone number, address, and anything you want to your images

Add logo

Add your signature, company logo, website logo to images

Add cliparts and icons

You can add your PNG/JPEG clipart and icons to your images effortlessly.

Watermark many times you want

We don’t limit the number of times you can use the application every day. You can use it whenever you want.

Automatic watermark

The watermark is applied to all the images at once. But you can choose to edit each image separately.

Our watermark is scalable

It is easy to resize and scale it.

Instant Upload

Upload your photos from your computer instantly: Easily choose the number of photos you want to watermark.

No worry about the subscription expiration

No need to rush to use because we don't charge you monthly.

Download one photo

You can choose to download the current photo on the canvas.

Download all the photos

To save time, you can choose to download all the photos at once with a simple click.

Choose where to download

You can choose the place to save your photos. It will be easier for you to find them for later use.

Use for Your Own Purpose

Use all the watermarks and your images for personal use and commercial use.

Frequent Update

We often update the website to make sure that you can always get the best experience.

No Ads

You will not have to see any advertisements on our website. It will help to faster the watermarking process and not slow down the website.

No Developer’s Logo on your images

Even you use our free version, we can guarantee that there are no logos on your images.

No licenses

There are no licenses for watermarks you create.

No hidden and extra fees

When you pay, you can access all the pro features and don’t have to pay more for other extra things.

Your photos are 120% safe

Even we don’t store your photos, and we cannot access your photos

No registration to use

You don't have to register to use the free version. But you will need an account if you plan to upgrade.

Watermark unlimited photos with pro version

Watermark more photos at once to save more time.

Always get the latest update in the future

You are our valued member and you have the privileges to have premium access.

Affordable Price

You can access all the features for life at an affordable price.

Premium Email Support

We are always available to help you. We will answer your questions quickly.

With Watermarkup, You Can


Keep your photos 130% safe

Prevent online image theft and other competitors who want to steal your assets. Lurkers and thieves cannot steal your photos anymore


Save more time

Save more time with our watermark application. You don’t have to repeat 50 times to watermark 50 photos.


Save more money

You only have to pay a one-time fee. Say no to subscription models. Use the app whenever you need it.


Tell others who you are

Adding watermark and text to the photos helps other people know more about you and your business.


Help people easily contact and connect with you

Adding your logo or watermark & text to the photos helps other people find your website, social media links, and your content.


Get more exposure

Other people and clients with know more about you and what you do.


Get the job done quicker

Watermark your images faster with us.


Watermark with comfort and convenience

You don’t have to see any Ads and there are no limits on times you use the application.


Avoid fake websites and virus

Stay away from hackers and virus. You are safe when you use an online watermark application.


Free your computer or mobile disk space

Because you don't have to download and install anything, so you can use your free disk space to do other tasks.


Preserve your image quality

There are no frustrations when it comes to preserving image quality when you use Watermarkup.


Protect your documents and payment info

Because you don't have to download untrusted software and apps, so you can protect your assests from hackers.

Ready to purchase our pro features?

Start protecting your photos now. Risk Free. Money-back Guarantee.