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People copy images from the web every day. It is not hard to prevent your photos from theft. Our app helps you do that very quickly.

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About Our App

Works right in the browser. Our app helps you protect your digital assets very easily and quickly.

Easy Access

Add watermarks to each photo or multiple photos at the same time.

Works right in the browser

You only need your favorite web browser and our app works on any systems and machines.

Save time

You don't have to wait to add watermarks to your photos. Our tool helps you to save more time. Add watermarks to all photos at the same time.

Text templates

We also provide you with a dozen of built-in templates to help you add and edit text very quickly.

Did You Know?

You no longer need expensive software to add watermarks to your photos. Use our app. Simple!

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Other benefits and features for you

Easy Upload and Download

Import multiple photos from your computer
and watermark all the photos at the same time.
Download each photo
or save all your photos as a zip file with one click.

Fully Adjustable

Easily edit your watermark:
Z - index, copy, delete, and scalability

Text watermark

Add your name, company name, your social media links, website, phone number, and address.
Add copyright, trademark, registered trademark symbols to your photos.

Logo and Signature watermark

Add your unique logo and signature to your photos.
Add clipart and images you like.

Watermark Photo Benefits

Our advanced features for you

Fully Customizable

Adjust fonts, size, color, background color and position of the watermark until you are satisfied.

Save watermarks for your future use

You can choose our watermark templates to add to your photos quickly or save your favorite watermarks for later use.

No license

You can use our watermarks for both personal and commercial use. No license!

Flexible Watermarking

You can choose to edit one photo and switch to editing multi photos whenever you want.

Fully Adjustable

You have the freedom to adjust the watermark and position it wherever you like.


Our watermark is automatically scable and if you want, you can easily edit it.

Frequent Updates

We will regularly update the app to ensure that you can use the best product in the world.

Font Gallery

Choose the fonts you like and apply them to the photos.

Get The Job Done Quickly

If you have a slow Internet connection, you can still get the job done quickly.

  • Your photos are completely safe

    We respect your privacy.

    Watermark your photos right in your browser.
    We don't store any photos of yours.
    Your photos are never sent to our server.
    And of course, our team members cannot access your photos.

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